erik kase romero

producer | engineer | multi-instrumentalist | arranger

Dollys Production Series - Intro

This Saturday, November 9, my band Dollys will be releasing our first EP.  We worked really hard on it and the recording itself is the result of a very atypical and cosmopolitan production process that my bandmates and I explored from fall of 2013 through this past summer.   We recorded the tracks in over 7 different locations and used the variety of spaces and resources to try to create interesting sounds.  I thought this could be an opportunity to start a series in this blog where I can get super nerdy and take an in depth look into the production of each song on the record.

Dollys will be releasing the EP for 5$ on our Bandcamp this weekend however each week for the next 6 weeks we will release 1 additional new song for free streaming.  My blog entries will coincide each sunday with each new release.

This sunday I will have my first entry in the series for "Mush," the sixth track on the EP.  

Stay tuned!